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Where do you like to buy winter jackets for your LO?

It's starting to get colder here and I really need to stop procrastinating and get DD a good winter coat.  We need something that will keep her warm while she plays in the snow.  Up until this year, she's gotten one as a gift, so I really haven't had to shop for one or know what a reasonable price is for a good quality coat.  I saw a nice coat at Lands End, but even with 40% off, the coat is still $48.  I have no idea if that's a good price or not.  Do you all have any other favorite places to buy coats from?  TIA!

Re: Where do you like to buy winter jackets for your LO?

  • This year I got both of my girls coats from Target.  Can't recall the price as I bought them a few weeks ago.  I like that they have 2 parts that you unzip and can wear either part alone or both together so I can use it as a fall/winter/spring coat.  My sister always gets her DD"s coats from Lands End and they are so worth the price as they really last.  My niece can typically wear her for 2 years or then she hands them on to me and both of my girls can wear it for a year each typically.
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  • I don't shop at the Children's Place a lot for clothes, but I have really liked the last 2 winter coats I have bought there for DS1.  They are still in great shape and I can re-use them for DS2 for sure.  The ones I got also have the fleece liner that zips out of the shell.
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  • We've gotten DD's coat the last 2 years at Costco.  London Fog brand.


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  • I meant to get one from Burlington Coat Factory but I forgot and got one from Macy's.  It was on sale for $45.  The one at Burlington was only $30.

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  • lands end. Carter will not wear anything "puffy" and they have a great squall jacket that is for colder temps without said "puff".
  • I got DS1 a Varsity Jacket from the GapKids since he all out refuses to wear puffy coats unless he is going to play in the snow. 
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  • Usually from Target. This year I spent $32.99 for their coats. That's more than I'd like to spend though, I try to shoot for under $30.
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  • I am a JCP fanatic and have gotten them there every year. They have Okie Dokie brand which I love. It's basic, but I've never had any problems with quality. They have the 3-in-1 style that a pp mentioned where you can wear both layers, or one or the other. The are usually on sale for $30-35, but JCP almost always has a coupon out for $10 off, or an extra 15% or something.
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  • I have bought coats from Target, Children's Place, Gymboree outlet, REI winter clearance, and Costco.  All have been great.

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  • imagecmh06:

    We've gotten DD's coat the last 2 years at Costco.  London Fog brand.


    This for us too. I want to say the London Fog one was $30.

    We also get Carter's fleece jackets there for around $12 or something crazy cheap.

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  • I think that is a good price for a Land's End jacket.   We had some from LL Bean last year that rocked.  It was a 3 in one.  They kept snow from getting in the arms with velcro that tightened around the wrist; they were lined, easy to wash etc.

    This year I got a killer deal on some at Carters.  They were also  a 3-1 but 50% off during a sale then I had a 20% coupon.  I paid 28.80 for them.  (I bought 2, DS2 wears DS1's old).  It hasn't been cold enough to wear them yet.  

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  • or REI

    DD is outside every day, playing hard and getting filthy. She will seriously roll around in the dirt pretending to be a bear or something, so her stuff needs to stand up to frequent washing. She also grows pretty slow, so I want something that is made to last. We live in central TX, so it doesn't get all that cold for longer than a couple weeks, but having lived in AK for a good portion of my life I know how miserable it is to be cold and uncomfortable. That said, last year I bought her two (one heavier duty Denali and a lightweight Oso) North Face jackets from They were marked down from $100 ea to $65 and $68, and I bought up a size and rolled the sleeves. They made it all through last year, and will definitely fit through this year as well. In all likelihood they will fit through at least the first half of next winter as well. If your kid grows like a weed then the cost may not be worth it unless you plan to pass it down to future kids, but I tell ya- my Dad bought a NF Denali in 1995, wore it nearly every day in AK until he passed away in 2004, and now my DH wears it. If it can stand up to that much use and still be in perfect shape (except where my mom's dog ate a sleeve snap) then I KNOW it can handle a toddler for a couple years, lol.

    I don't cheap out when it comes to shoes or weather protection. Everywhere else I'll cut corners, lol.

  • Burlington Coat Factory, TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Osh Kosh, Carter's, Children's Place, or any other store that has a sale or great prices.  Last year I got DD a 2-piece Columbia snow suit at Marshall's for $20.  The year before that she got a Polo coat from TJ Maxx for $40.  This year I bought DS an Osh Kosh coat from Marshall's for $17.  DD's coat came from Burlington and it cost $29 (Carter's brand).
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  • In the past, I have used my REI dividends to purchase DS winter coats.  They are pricey but really good quality.  I like to find warm but not bulky.
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