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Potty Training

How to transition-DD occasionally going in potty to full PT?

DD has very suddenly over the last 3 weeks shown a lot of interest in going on the potty.  Most of the time she randomly says she wants to sit on the potty, so we go sit, she pushes but nothing comes out.  I still tell her she's doing great.  At the end even if she hasn't gone she loves to flush the toilet and waive 'bye bye poopoo' even when I tell her there isn't any poopoo there.  When we encourage her sitting on the potty and  pushing (even if nothing comes out) she calls herself a good girl and claps, so I know she's excited about it.

I've found I think she calls her pee poopoo too (she thinks it's all poo) so we're working on correcting that. 

Day care has also told us she's wanting to sit, but when she does, she usually tries but doesn't go. 

Then, last night while out shopping she asked me to go, so I took her into the restroom and she peed (yay!)!

I want to jump on this opportunity to try to get her fully trained, but I don't know what to do next?  Other than keeping to encourage her, I'm not sure what my next step should be?  Should I just put her in underwear this weekend and see how it goes?  I don't know what to do next - help - thank you!

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