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HI I am new on this board and would like any information on RMA in midtown.

DH 33 diagnosed w/Azoospermia. His hormonal and Genetic test came out normal. He will be having a biopsy to determine the infertility and then most likely doing IVF w/ICSI.

I am 30 and my results came out normal. Can anyone give me info on RMA and if they are familiar w/Dr. Bar Chama and what is expected of IVF w/ICSI like the process I will have to under go. Thanks in advance. 
Me:30, DH:33 TTC : 2010 Dx: March 2011 Azoospermia. TESE Feb 2012, Sperm was found. Me:All Blood work are good. Tubes are clear. IVF w/ICSI May 2012, 5/27/12: 12R, 3F, 5/30/12: 2T HPT:6/9/12 = BFP! Beta#1 6/10/12 = BFP!128 Beta#2 = 278 Beta#3 = 3,000+ Beta#4 = 14,000+ image BabyFruit Ticker BabyFetus Ticker


  • I do not know Dr. Chama--I saw Dr. Grunfeld at RMA. I was referred by my gyn to RMA after not getting a period for 10 months post bcp. Dr. Grunfeld recommended Clomid, which worked on the first round to get my cycles back. They have a very hands on treatment approach--all cycles are monitored with a vaginal ultrasound. Dr's rotate during morning monitor hours, so you could see any doctor in the practice depending on the day you need to come in for an ultrasound. Depending on your situation, they will trigger ovulation with an HCG shot and recommend timed intercourse (in other cases will do IUI or egg retrieval for IVF). They are a very busy practice, but they know what they are doing and will come up with a treatment plan that will help you get pregnant as soon as possible. They pride themselves in achieving a high rate of singleton pregnancies rather than multiples.

    My experience here has been wonderful. Though it is a very busy practice and monitoring hours are always bustling with many many women in the waiting room, you will be greeted with a smile by the staff and given the support that you need if you ask for it. The nurses are sweet and supportive, and they will sit with you and answer all of your questions. They follow up promptly on the phone as well. 

     Also, once you become pregnant you will be asked to come in for weekly ultrasounds and bloodwork on the day that your assigned doctor is working morning monitor hours. By week 8 or 9 you will be discharged to your OB. 

     GOOD luck! 

  • I saw Dr. Sandler at RMA and had a great experience. I loved the entire staff at RMA. Good luck!
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