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Completely off topic but Joy of Joys!!

As a person with Celiac disease (gluten/wheat intolerance), it's hard for me to find places to eat, especially when it comes to having a quick lunch somewhere.  Hubby works at Red Robin, and just this morning we learned that they are bringing in gluten-free burger buns!!  This makes me exceptionally happy, because I just LOVE their burgers!  They already have a wide selection of things I can eat, but this just puts another reason on the list of why I eat there!

 Just had to share my burger-joy!

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Re: Completely off topic but Joy of Joys!!

  • true story - I've never had red robin. I might have to try it soon.
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  • You really should!  They have all kinds of great gourmet burgers, and their salads are amazing.  Not to mention their soups, wraps, appies and pretty much entire menu! 

    And, if you, or anyone in your family has any allergy, they are really great about making sure your food is safe.  They've even taken peanuts completely out of their menu!

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