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Teething Stuff...

What are you using? Rings, Cold Washcloths in Fridge? I feel like nothing fits her mouth perfectly...its either too big, too bulky, ect...

 Poor thing has her hands in her mouth like crazy! I need to get something good for her, any ideas?!?!

Re: Teething Stuff...

  • My LO really only has success with Sophie the giraffe, and the Lifefactory teething ring.  Any other teethers don't fit in his mouth well and he finds them hard to negotiate. Frozen washclothes keep him busy for a minute, but then he drops them and finds something else.
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  • We just got these (like the old-school one's my mom had for me when I was a baby).  They fit in his mouth well and they are softer than the hard plastic ones for the freezer. 
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  • We love Sophie the giraffe and a ring teether like This Nuby Necklace Loop

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  • sophie, chewbeads, and a frozen washcloth. Everything else is too big or useless.
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  • Reese loves this one by MAM:


     She also loves the links. I don't think she is teething yet, but she LOVES putting everything in her mouth--my phone she is particularly attracted too.  

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  • As PPs mentioned...DS loves Sofie and the old fashion rings that you put in the freezer.  Once he cut his first two teeth, I got him the banana toothbrush to get him used to the feeling of brushing his teeth, but I didn't realize that it is also a teether.  He now LOVES his banana!
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  • I use rings -- both actual teether rings, and and aluminum rings for my slings. I also have found spatula handles to be good. She'll gnaw on one of those for hours at a time, completely going to town on it. We have a chan (made by the same company as sophie) and she likes that a lot as well. We also have a Sassy brand butterfly looking thing that we put in the fridge. It has two wings of water and two wings of nuby things, plus antenae that have a ridge in them. This is another good one I've found.
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