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Hey ladies!! So my son has what the DR has called a cold/allergies for the last two weeks. Last night around 2am, we woke up to him having this horrible cough! It sounded exactly like Croup! My husband brought him to the dr and YEP, he has Croup and an ear infection.. My poor babe! Anyone have had croup? Besides humidifier and time, any other suggestions to help them. Dr just said it needs to just run its course!!


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  • I'm wondering if mine has the same thing---this morning his cough was nasty.  I've heard it sounds like a dog??? 

    Ugh--did they give an antibiotic for the ear infection?? 

    I've been taking LO in the shower with me and I've found those nights I do --it helps him sleep AND he doesn't cough as much.  I've found he's coughing more with the himidifier--which is odd.




  • Yes they gave us antibotics for the ear infections.. We had no idea that was even an issue.. If you go on google you can find exactly what a croup cough sounds like. Its a very distinctive cough..=(


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  • I heard the cool air, so like outside air (if its cold) helps with croup.  Also, being in the actual shower and letting the water run over LO can help.  I am so sorry.  Coughs in general are hard, since at least in my case it wakes LO.  When DDs cough got bad, we took turns sleeping holding her, in a more upright position.  Holding her was the only thing that let her sleep through the cough.


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  • Croup is inflammation of the upper respiratory tract. It is unfortunately a virus so it must run its course. The cough is a very distinct, barking like cough. Think baby seal. Usually very loud and repetitive.

    But some things that make a drastic improvement are :   

    A cool mist humidifier....must be cool.  A "warm" humidiifer will put humidity in the air but will not help with the inflammation. The cool mist has actually been proven to help with the inflammation. You can even stand in front of the freezer with door open for short time to allow for the cool mist to come out of freezer. 

       If LO has a persistent cough and is unable to catch his breath you should decrease stimulation and call MD immediately. Croup can potentially be very serious if the inflammation in the airway progresses enough. Its important to try and calm baby not let them cry if you can help it when they have croup, it inflames the airway.

       They usually prescribe oral steroids to help with the inflammation, if they didnt I would ask them why not. Side effects are minimal and they can really improve symptons for patient.

    Good luck to you and I hope your LO is feeling better soon!

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  • DS had croup a few months ago, and it was pitiful...and he also struggles with allergies (constant drainage).  DR put him on steriods for the croup and recommended the following: 

    Go to a small bathroom in your house with a shower, turn the shower on hot and create a steam room.  Once it is steamy in there, go in with baby and sit for about 10 minutes.  It helps loosen things up.  Then DR said if you would like, after the steam, open the freezer door and stand with baby near the cool air to let baby breathe in.  It shocks the airways and clears alot of that mess up.  Try to do it 2 times a day or just before bed to help sleep. 

    With the cold/allergies, the DR recommended saline drops on a daily basis.  After a month of that not working, we ended up having to put him on Claritin and Benedryl...he is much better.

    Hope this helps!

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