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Saves up all his poops for naptime and bathtime

I started PT 4 days ago and I just keep putting him on the potty every half hour or so and he hasn't had a pee accident since day 2, however, he has pooped his pants twice and in the bathtub twice, and he will poop in his diaper during naptime.  He won't poop on the potty because he doesn't want to hang out there, he pees immediately and then wants right off the potty. I've heard that it takes boys longer to learn to poop on the this true?  Anything I can do to make him hang out on the potty longer and encourage him to poop?  Or should I just wait until he's ready, no matter how long it takes?
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Re: Saves up all his poops for naptime and bathtime

  • I'm wondering if he's not sitting long enough because you are taking him so often that he's sick of being there.  When we PT our kids, on the first day we took them every 30 min but that was only so they would get comfortable with the potty.  The next day we took them every hour, the third day every 1 1/2 hours.  The 4th day it was going to be every 2 hours but by then they had started to tell us.  Also, he may very well be a bit scared to poop.  You could bring him with you when you poop so he sees there is nothing scary.  You could also up his fiber with Fiber Gummies or High Fiber Oatmeal- this will make it very soft so its easy to push.  Also, once we started PT we never put them in diapers- not for naps or bedtime.  I have both a boy & girl and they were 17 & 15 months old when PT and it literally took a few days and we didn't have poop issues.  I would make changes to his diet for a bit (up the fiber and give it a few weeks- perhaps bring out an awards chart for him to encourage pooping- or give him a special treat/something if he does poop).  Best of luck!
  • not sure about the difference in sex but my DD does exactly what you're describing.  Then she'll go holding it for several days, hide, and then poop in her pants, despite going #1 on the potty a trillion times that day.  It's super frustrating and we haven't quite found a way to curb that. GL!
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  • Have you tried reading a book or singing a song to keep him there longer?  We used a book called Every Poops to help the boys learn to poop on the potty.  They were scared.  It probably took a good 2-3 months before they had pooping down pat.  At first they'd hold it forever .. it would be days and I'd be begging them to poop.  They they were going at nap and bed.  Then in their pants.  And eventually in the potty.  I just reminded them where poop goes.  We also instituted a "potty prize"  When they pee'd at first they got a prize (a tattoo, match box car, sticker, piece of candy, etc.)  Then we moved on for only when they pooped on the potty (since they got good at peeing).  Joey got many prizes before Nathan got any.  Now... 4 months later they are great about peeing and pooping... rarely an accident.  Even dry at nap.  They very occasionally ask for a prize, but it's rare now.  And I do give them something small until the bag is empty.


  • My DS does the same thing. I think they just have to grow into the idea of pooping there and its more of a developmental thing.
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