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Will be joining you ladies more frequently

   Hooray to 3 days left of school. I have both my exams on Friday and as of Monday, I will just go from Apprenticeship EI to Mat leave. So I will finally have time to keep up to TB. I cannot believe how fast these last 8 weeks have gone. And I'm now only 6 and a half weeks away from my Due date.

   I hope everyone is feeling well. Are any of you getting all dressed up for Hallowe'en? Tell me your big plans...Are you staying in the country for Christmas or going somewhere Tropical?

   I have another U.S on Monday and will hopefully have a good idea how much this long legged baby weighs. And like I said, I will soon have ALOT more time to chit chat and keep you ladies posted on the last stretch of my adventure.

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Re: Will be joining you ladies more frequently

  • That's pretty exciting you're almost done school and that close to your due date :) I bet you're excited to find out what you are having (I would be). What is Apprenticship EI? I lost my job at the beginning of this month (lay-off) and am looking to go on EI but am worried about when it comes to Mat Leave... I have no idea how any of this works. I hope I can find another job in the mean time so I dont have to worry about it.

    DH and I will be dressing up for Halloween because we have 2 parties to go to.. AF showed up today so I guess I can drink. I have no clue what we are dressing as. We are staying here for xmas but we may be leaving for florida either end of december or beginning of january to visit DH's parents because they are both going down there.


  • How time flies, right?  I'm looking forward to being off work completely!  I still have to figure out if I even qualify for maternity benefits, since I earned quite a lot less than the reported 500 insurable hours required...  I would tell myself I have time, but that time will fly right out the window if I don't do this soon!

    Halloween will be another quiet one (well, as quiet as it can get in downtown Kelowna!), since hubby will be working and I don't plan on going anywhere.  I'm usually in bed by 7 these days anyways!  I might go with my sister to the mall to parade the nephews around, but I'm not dressing up this year.  Unless I can get a business suit and fake FBI badge so I can dress up like a pregnant Agent Scully.  (Been watching The X-Files on Netflix...)

    The Holidays will be quiet, too.  The usual family dinner with my sister and her in-laws, and then another with my mother-in-law.  But I'm not thinking about that feast yet.  We still have to have our Thanksgiving dinner!  Thursday is the big Turkey Day for us!  I'll be baking some gluten-free pies tomorrow, and prepping the gluten-free stuffing!  (I may have mentioned it previously, but I have Celiac disease, so no bread/flour for me!)  I haven't looked forward to a turkey this much in a long time!

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