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Potty Training

PT at DC...not at home...??

DD is basically PT at DC, she is in panties all day and they put her on the potty every 30 minutes and she has not had any accidents since starting last Thursday. Now at home, totally different story. She'll tell me she has to go but it's usually right after she pees. I know it's a different enviornment than DC where all the kids are going so they're more excited, but still. She'll sit on there for 10 minutes and never pee, but as soon as she gets up, she pees. Very frustrating. I have the 3DPT book and plan to use it in the next couple of months if it doesn't start to click with her at home. Any tips out there? I tried putting her on every 30 minutes like at DC, that didn't fly to well with her, she pitched fits. Ughhhh.

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