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Suddenly hands in mouth

Hi All,

My 3 year old DS has never been particularly oral. I was always grateful that he doesn't gnaw or suck on his toys, sticks, hands, etc. Suddenly for several weeks his hands are ALWAYS in his mouth. Any moment that his hands are idle he will be sucking on a finger (not thumb) or just holding them there. He doesn't seem to notice that he does it. All his teeth are in I think so I'm clueless as to what this is due. Two months ago we had quite a few changes - baby brother born plus a move from toddler group to preschool group in daycare. He seems to be handling all the changes well - so I wouldn't guess this is stress related. Any ideas why this is happening and ANY suggestions how to stop it??? 

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Re: Suddenly hands in mouth

  • My DD also started this about 6 mos ago, for no apparent reason. It's tapering down now, but I don't think I've had anything to do with it. I'm wondering if it's just a developmental thing. She's getting really independent and mature lately, so she probably had to regress in another area.
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  • My 3 year old DS is the same way recently! And he has never been one to put stuff in his mouth either! It definitely seems kinda like a nervous habit for him- seems like he does it more when he is uncomfortable or in a new situation. And like your son, it's a finger or 2, not sucking on them but kinda just in his mouth. I remind him to take them out and talk about germs being on our fingers, but at the same time I don't want to make too big a deal of it. Hoping it is a phase!
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