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Need help with snacks

DS has to take snack 2 days this week.  I have one day figured out, kid approved trail mix and grapes, but I'm struggling with day two.  Looking for some creative suggestions.  Oh and no cookies/cakes/cupcakes.  They can do those for their birthday but not normal snack days.



Re: Need help with snacks

  • For the entire class or just him? 

    I was just in the preschool class during snacktime, and the kids had granola bars, apple slices, grapes, applesauce pouches, raisins, goldfish-type (or Annie's) crackers, pretzels, and the like. We do have a nut-free policy, but are responsible for bringing our kid's own snack.

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  • DS had carrot sticks and dressing for snack today at school.   He never eats raw carrots.  Loves cooked ones but never would eat raw ones.   He was so excited that he had carrots and dressing.

    Other ideas...cheese and crackers, cut up fruit and dip.   Are muffins okay?   There are lots of great muffin recipies out there.   I made pumpkin ones with DS and he loved them.

    DS's school provides snack each day and it's usually just fresh fruit or veggies.   

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  • I like doing apple chips and/or veggie chips. The Terra root vegetable chips are delish. 

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  • Today a kid brought those mini Quaker rice cakes (the kids like the cheddar ones best), and a dried fruit mix (raisins, cranberries, etc.)  Last week the biggest hit was individual peanut butters (JIF makes them) with apples and crackers.  Messy but yummy and fun.  Cheese cube or cheese sticks are good.  Another great one last week that required some work by the parent was pbj sandwiches cut with a pumpkin cookie cutter.  I only have 9 kids in my class though. Carrot were not a big hit Friday- only 1/2 the kids would eat them.  Popcorn is good, pretzels, cheerios, craisins.... you could look at the bulk aisle at the grocery store for non-trail mix things.  
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  • Some great ideas, thanks ladies!  Its for the whole class.  9 kids
  • Maybe you could get some clemintines/oranges and draw little pumpkin faces on them since it's getting close to Halloween : )


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  • My DD goes to a co-op school and when it's a parent's turn to co-op he or she also must provide snack for the class. The school is nut-free and the teacher requested that their always be a fruit or veg as part of the snack.

    Yesterday was my turn and each kid had a string cheese, a small apple and some TJ's brand pirate's booty.

    I also have taken in apple slices and tubes of yogurt frozen, baby carrots with hummus to dip in, boxes of raisins, freeze-dried blueberries. 


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