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Where to put humidifier in Baby's room?

So this might be a stupid question- but where do you put a humidifier in the baby's room?  We have a crane - the elephant shaped one.  The instructions say not to place it on carpet, a towel, wood or metallic surfaces.  So since we have carpet, where are we supposed to put it? Where do you put yours?
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Re: Where to put humidifier in Baby's room?

  • our LO's crib is in our room because we have a 1 bedroom. we put the humidifer on the night stand that is right by him. 
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  • dumber question, how do you know when to use it??
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  • You could get a plastic tray to set it on top of a dresser or night stand. Look in the stores by the disposable kitchen pans and stuff.
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    dumber question, how do you know when to use it??

    our doc recommended we use one because ds is pretty congested and saline drops are not quite making it better long term.

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  • We have carpet and cut out a piece of cardboard from one of the many boxes that seem to come with having a baby and set it on that.  I change it about once a month. We use it every night since he is still in our room and we like it on for our congestion issues. We spent a week visiting someone without one and could tell the difference. 
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  • Pediatrician recommended that we put it as close to the baby as possible.  We use it when it's hot and dry, and when it's cold out.  
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