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*Cute lunch check-in*

It was another busy week of baby prepping, but we did make a few cute lunches and fun snacks, too. PIP yours!

A terrible picture of an adorable treat! "Acorns" using mini Nilla wafers, Hershey Kisses and a bit of pretzel. DD stuck them together using peanut butter (in a Ziploc with the corner snipped off). The peanut butter never hardens, so you might have to use something like frosting if you wanted to transport them. I didn't come up with this idea, but it's in a lot of different blogs/websites.

Another extra special fall treat - apple cider floats! They were delicious!

And now, some actual lunches! Pumpkin sandwich with cheese accents, snap peas, tomatoes on picks, kiwi in a spider silicone and an acorn treat. DD ate everything here!

My husband can be a little hard to read sometimes, so I could never quite tell if he thought I was crazy with all of our cookie cutters and other bento supplies. But he came home with this elephant cookie cutter the other day, so I'm going to say he likes the cute lunches! This was a super fast lunch. Open face honey & PB sandwich with cupcake topper details, whole banana and a Babybel cheese into which I freehand cut a star. A few dried apricots on the side with an elephant pick and lunch is done! DD also ate this whole lunch - she loves open faced sandwiches, but can be iffy on bananas, so I was surprised.

Easy as can be! Pumpkin quesadilla (I bought this cookie cutter set, and the smaller pumpkin cutter I used earlier in the week, last year. Both are made by Wilton), checkered apple, raisins, snap peas and the last strawberry of the year (sniff).

This week's library story theme was spiders and claws, so that was our lunch theme as well. Green beans are served with "claw" tongs that I happened to have (plus it's good hand strengthening practice), tomatoes on picks, a Babybel cheese, bat quesadilla, apple in a spider silicone and a store-bought pumpkin cookie.

PIP your child's cute lunches here! Fall/Halloween themes are so easy to make and every grocery store has cookie cutters and picks! Our leaf/acorn picks are from Party City (this year), the silicone spider is from Target (this year) and the bat cookie cutter by Wilton was purchased at my grocery store last year, but I believe it's still readily available.

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Re: *Cute lunch check-in*

  • The acorn is too cute!

    I don't have a PIP to share, but I did try a window sandwich (cutting out a star in the middle) for both DS and DD for today's lunches. It's a surprise for them, so I am going to see if they like it!

    Thanks for sharing all of your cute ideas!

  • These are adorable.  I was going to ask where you got the picks from.  Now I know.  Thanks!
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