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Looking for a ob/gyn in nyc

I just recently got married and due to my age, we are going to try soon.  Having said that my gyn doesn't deliver baby and she usually refer her patients to a particular doctor (whom I don't like mainly becuase she has way too many patients). 

Anyone has any good ob/gyn recommandation for NYC?  I think ideally I want the doctor affiliate with Cornell or Lenox Hill. 

I have Blue Cross/Blue Shield insurance.  Thanks!

Re: Looking for a ob/gyn in nyc

  • I don't know about the insurance.

    I really like my obgyn, Dr Kevin Jovanovic. He is affiliated with Lenox Hill.


    930 Fifth Ave (at 74th St)

    212 249-6709

    I found him through a recommendation from my GP. Dr Jovanovic delivered my GPs grandson. If he is good enough to deliver my doctor's grandkid, he is good enough for me.  

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  • I was happy with Dr. Mazlin.  He is affiliated with Lenox Hill.  Good luck!
  • mine is great and there is a lot of personal attention. His name is Dr. Steven Hockstein and he's at Cornell. I know he was taking new patients recently. Good luck!
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