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5 Weeks Pregnant


YAY for first time pregnancy! My DH and I are sooooo excited! I am, however, a little confused about A LOT of stuff!

Concerning the weeks. I'm currently 4 weeks and 4 days. Does this mean I'm 4 weeks along, or in the 5th week, so 5 weeks along? Does this make sense??? Which information do I look at?!



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  • Hello, My name is Summer and this is my first pregnancy too! I am also five weeks but as of tomorrow I am 6 weeks. Yes, it is confusing. But I would say your still in your 5th week until your 4 weeks and 7days I guess.
  • I was told to go by the first day of your last period. I am currently 5 weeks and going into my 6th week. The first say of my last period was on a Friday and with today being Friday tomorrow I will be 6 weeks. This is what the nurse at my doctor's office told me anyways... Hope this helps!
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