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How's that for acronyms?? 

I had my IPS U/S today, aka, the NT scan.  It went well, except that baby was no cooperating, so they were able to get all of the measurements except the NT.  So, I go back again next week.  

We did, however, get a picture!

imageIt actually feels real now, and I think I'm going to allow my self to be stupidly excited now.  It was really really cool to see the baby moving around.  We saw the heart beat and got a wave!

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  • Yay Raynes! that's so exciting!!

    ETA PS totally cute!!


  •  VERY cute :) Are you guys going to find out the gender when baby's ready to show it off?! I think seeing their little heart beats are one of the most precious things EVER! Makes everything so much more real. Deff made my heart melt seeing LO's beat. Very happy everything looks good so far and that baby even gave mom and dad a wave!
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