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I did it. I made the leap. (car related)

After going back and forth for months on what to get....I took the plunge and got the van. 

My only kick to DH was that I needed lots of bells and whistles on it.  Wink

I got the Toyota Sienna and after thinking about this second baby on the way, decided it was what was practical for me (us) for the next 5 years or so.  So far, I have to admit.  I like it.  But it is a van....

Baby Birthday Ticker Ticker

Baby Birthday Ticker Ticker
BFP#1 1.28.10; HB 6w5d 2.18.10; No HB 3.8.10; Natural m/c 3.9.10 at 9w3d
BFP#2 - 7.22.10 DD born 3.16.11
BFP#3 - 8.11.11 DS born 3.27.12

Re: I did it. I made the leap. (car related)

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