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Since there's been some Qs about solids...

I'm only in my "research" phase, I'm not ready to start solids but I'm leaning to BLW, my pedi suggested starting solids at 6 months either way, but I see many of you have started already. So my question to you is, why have you started solids now? I'm sure each LO is different but I'm just curious. Is it different for FF babies than for EBFers?

Re: Since there's been some Qs about solids...

  • We started solids a little after 4 months. She was grabbing at our plates and drooling a lot. Her pedi said that this meant she was ready to try solid foods. Our doctor also said that since we have food allergies in our family- the latest research shows that it may be better to do solids earlier rather than later. I know this is all very controversial, but we decided to go with what our doctor and my friend who is also board certified pedi recommended.

    We started w rice cereal for 4 days, then oatmeal. We kind of stuck with oatmeal for a few weeks and then started doing some purees along with oatmeal. I bought the organic brand from the grocery store and we've tried sweet potatoes, squash and carrots. I EBF and only give her solids after nursing.

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  • I am an breastfeeder (she might get a few bottles a week that are formula) and we started solids right at about 4.5 mos. She was hungry all the time and off the charts in height and weight. Our doc told us it was up to us and we went for it. She loves eating with us. She gets oatmeal for breakfast and usually some fruit (pears or banana) and then we have done peas, pumpkin, squash, green beans, and avocado for solids. I puree most all her food- pumpkin we used the organic pumpkin in a can. She loves all of them. We didnt cut back on her milk since she is only getting about 4-6 ounces of solids a day but she will now open her mouth if we are eating for some food herself.
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  • I had planned on waiting until six months, but DS is showing pretty much all of the readiness signs, so we'll probably start between 5-6 months. He's doubled his weight, has full head control, and when we eat in front of him, its like everything else in his world stops.  I've started making baby purees (sweet potato and squash so far) and freezing them. Also, his 6oz bottles are starting to last only 2.5 hours, instead of three, and he won't drink more at a sitting. 

    Having said that, if I try at 5 or 5.5 months, and he shows me he hasn't lost his tongue thrust, or isn't ready, I'll wait another week or two before trying again. 

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  • Pedi suggested we start with fruits and veggies after his 4mth appt, but I was apprehensive.  He's a couple days short of 5 months now and we've tried a few purees (my mom fed him a whole container of bananas over the course of a day while she was watching him.  The poops were disastrous).

    But other than that we give him veggies to "chew" on while we eat- so basically the first steps of BLW. 

    He's way interested in food and will be very grabby if he's sitting on our laps while we eat.

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  • We started solids right around 4 months kind of by default.  DD got a stomach bug and the pedi suggested giving her rice and/or bananas to help constipate her a little.  She did really good with the solids, and since she was acting constantly hungry when she wasn't sick, we decided to stick with the solids.  She's now had about 8 different fruits/veggies and seems to love everything. 

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  • Jack can put back a 10oz bottle and still be screaming for more. He constantly was grabbing at my plate when I was eating, drooling a lot and hes sitting up on his own already so i started him on some purees. I haven't given him anything with texture yet but so far his favorite seems to either be a mix of broccoli and peas or butternut squash. Smile
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