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Sorry I need to vent

So my numbers are going up but I just have this strong feeling something is wrong. Crying

I have cramps that come and go and my back is killing me. The only other thing I feel is super tired. wtf body please stop and Dh says Im a super B and that I need to relax and maybe I should have another kid. Who says that??? I really dont want this to be my 4th mc I am trying to have faith. Sorry and Thanks for letting me vent.

Re: Sorry I need to vent

  • THANK YOU!!! Smile

    Hes is such a ass and he does this *** all the time. Oh and can I just add he never wants to help with ds. IDK sometime and the last time I mc he said get over it you never seen the baby really wtf. GRR his mother is the same way! She has taken our son  like 10 times and hes 3.

  • imageScout2005:

    I'm sorry you're feeling this way. Try and take comfort in that the betas look good, as that's all you can do right now.

    Your husband sounds like an ass.

    This.  Hang in there.  ((hugs))

    Your husband sounds like he needs a swift kick in the ass.  I'm sorry.

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  • Thanks and dont say sorry he does. This morning Our son woke up throwing up and I took care of him and washed all our sheets and pillows. I say I'm tired and need a nap cause thats my only prego symptoms and he said hes tired and goes to bed really a** I could have killed him wait being crabby can be a symptoms 2 right? lol Cant wait for him to get up cause Im going to bed. And this whole time Ive been so worried cause I dont feel pregnant and he said hes already tired of hearing me wtf who says that. As you can tell he still sucks! Angry
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