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What did you hope for LO while P?

I hoped he (or she) would have DH's looks and my personality.  My wish came true!  He looks just like my handsome husband.  He is also the happiest, most laid back, easy sleeping baby, who hates loud noises and likes people.  Just like his mama!

Aside from good health, what were your hopes for LO during your pregnancy?
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Re: What did you hope for LO while P?

  • I hoped she would get DH's ears and my feet. She got his ears Big Smile and his feet Tongue Tied.

    She looks just like him, but she does have my long fingers. I like that.

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  • I hoped DS would have my sinuses. DH has terrible sinus problems. It's too early to tell now.

    I hoped he would have DH's monkey toes. They're just really really long and flexible. Seriously, DH can pinch me with them and pick up things like you do with your fingers. DS proved he does indeed have them when he pinched me with his toes while nursing during week 1. :)

    I hoped he'd have DH's eyes, too. DS has my face, but DH's eyes. It's awesome. 

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  • I hoped that she would look like me and have DH's personality (he is totally laid back).  So far she looks like him and has his personality.  Oh well he is totally hot so I am okay with it.
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