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monitor ?

Hi my last surviving baby was born at 27w 5d and was on an apnea monitor for an entire year. When he was weaned I knew he no longer needed it, but it was very difficult for me, and I didn't sleep well for a while.

I am wondering if this baby does not need an apnea monitor how will I cope? Is there a type of less invasive monitors that I can get on my own at least while the baby is sleeping just for my peace of mind.


Re: monitor ?

  • You can get an Angelcare monitor. I used one for most of my DD first year. It is a sensor pad that goes under the mattress. It detects breathing and an alarm sounds if no breathing is detecting after 20 secs. It kept me sane. Glad your LO is doing good.
  • Angelcare and/or Snuza.

    Love my Angelcare!

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  • I've heard really good things about the Snuza monitor. ((HUGS)).  It's really hard to not have that reassurance.
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  • So glad you guys understand!  Friends think I am crazy to want to monitor the baby no matter what. I am off to go look into the 2 monitors mentioned! thanks!
  • We also have the angelcare monitor.  It gave me such peace of mind, especially when DD was super little.
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