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OB Recommendations?

Hi There,

I moved here about six weeks ago and just found out I'm pregnant on Oct 7.  My husband and I are very excited and also overwhelmed - we're first time parents in a new city, and over a thousand miles from our families. 

I'm so new to the city, in fact, that I don't have any doctors yet.  I live and work near the loop and would prefer to have a doctor relatively close by.  I'm not 100% sure how I feel about epidurals, etc, but I know I would at least like the option of natural childbirth, delivering vaginally, option to walk around if I'm so inclined, etc.  I would consider a midwife if the fit is right.

Basically, we're looking for an open-minded person who will be willing to take our decisions into account. Does anyone have a recommendation?

We also know nothing about the hospitals here.  Are there ones that are better than others for maternity?

 Thanks so much!


Re: OB Recommendations?

  • Hiya and welcome to The Lou!

     I'm currently with Dr. Kuebel with Allied Associates in OBGYN. There are 6 practictioners in the group. They work out of Mercy hospital on 270. Mercy is a great hospital. I believe most of the rooms on the 7th floor are all Labor, Delivery and Recovery rooms. I worked as a photographer for newborns there about 4 years ago. There is a NICU ward there so if something were to happen the baby is in good hands with immediate care. Congrats! If you have any questions about STL don't hesitate to ask!

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  • I use Dr Shores at the same office! She rocks. We are an IVF couple and she has been amazing at answering all of our overly protective questions and so on! We are in the middle of meeting with both MoBap and St Johns to pick a hospital for delivery. 
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  • I use Dr. Kodner at Balanced Care for Women on Olive.  Wouldn't be a bad drive for you.  I love her nurse practitioner also.  I have found them to be very open minded.  They also deliver at both MO-BAP and Mercy
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  • Dr. Lemoine, shes one of like 6 OB's from the OBGYN physicians office at Mercy.  They deliver at Mercy, St. Lukes, and MOBAP... Never had a problem and they have been more than helpful and amazing about everything!  
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  • I use Dr. Kodner at Balanced Care for Women on Olive and Spoede. 


    They also deliver at both MO-BAP and Mercy

  • Dr. Jaqueline Turner from West End ObGyn.  Her partner Dr. Gray-Swain is also good.  Their practice is just south of Forest Park in the Highlands.  Dr. Turner is very laid-back.  I know she does water births if people want them so she's pretty open-minded.

    We live in the Central West End and contrary to popular opinion delivered both kids at Barnes and had good experiences.  For us it was just blocks from home and the Children's Hospital is right there should there be any problems.  Not as posh as some of the others but one bonus, the rooms are set up as doubles so there is actually a bed for dad.  Unless they are totally full, they don't double-up, I didn't have a problem either time.  Apparently they also have a "list" your dr. can you put on where you agree that if they do get full and start doubling, you will pay an extra fee to keep your room single.  I had my dr. put me on the list just in case but was fine both times.

  • We interviewed a few doctors and I think we found someone who really meshes well with us.  Thank you all for your suggestions!  It's wonderful to know that there are caring people out there!
  • I live about 15 minutes from the Loop area, and my doctor is in the Creve Couer area. its Dr Branson, and i LOVE him.  him and his staff were incredible when we miscarried a fw months ago, and have been nothing but excited for our current pregnancy.  He conducts an ultra sound on me at every visit, and also lets me come in for appointment however soon i want to ease my nerves.  for instances, at my last visit on Friday, he suggested to see me in 4 weeks since i am at 10 weeks. i asked if i could come back in 2 weeks, when i get back from vacation to further ease my nerves on flying on a plane.  he is looking forward to our next visit. :)

    yes, the drive is a bit farther than desired, but he delivers at St Johns Mercy and MOBap. he came greatly suggested to me by my sister in law, when she was having personal issues with her normal ob.  

  • imageturner215:
    Dr. Lemoine, shes one of like 6 OB's from the OBGYN physicians office at Mercy.  They deliver at Mercy, St. Lukes, and MOBAP... Never had a problem and they have been more than helpful and amazing about everything!  
    I second Dr. Lemoine as well...she delivered Claire with a (sort of) emergency c-section.  Basically my water broke and we discovered once we arrived at the hospital that she moved into a breech position.  They were great, and everything went smoothly.
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  • Jennifer Smith @ Missouri Baptist.  Very non-traditional, if you will.  I am wheelchair bound and she delivered both of my boys (now ages 4 and 1).  She was comfortable with my situation, as opposed to referring me to an MFM, and advocated on my behalf with baby #2 when I needed to deliver at 37 weeks...
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