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Daycare recommendations for Westchester? Bright Horizons?

We're looking to move to Armonk.  I have my eye on Bright Horizons.  Anyone have any input on this place?

Re: Daycare recommendations for Westchester? Bright Horizons?

  • I moved to Bedford a few months ago and started looking into daycares.  I have a bunch of friends in the Mount Kisco/Bedford/Armonk area and everyone I know rated Bright Horizons at Timber Ridge the best.  It got amazing responses from my friends- some of whom send their kids there.   I also checked out Tudor Time but I wasn't so impressed with it. 

    Right now my son wanted to stay at his daycare in the City because his friends are there but he is 4 so it's his last year anyway.  Next year we will be switching to Westchester daycare for my daughter and I will have her go to Bright Horizons.

    By the way, my kids are at a Bright Horizons daycare in the City now and it's been a great experience - I particularly like that they don't close for many holidays/teacher prep days and the way they structure the education components. 

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  • Wow, thank you so much for your help.  This is what I was hoping to hear.  We live in Battery Park City and actually looked at the BH on Pine St.  We are in the process of purchasing a house in Armonk and got excited when I saw how conveniently located the BH was there.  I looked around but BH seems to be "the place".  Thanks again.  You were very helpful.
  • can i ask how the prices of BH compare in westchester?  we were at 20 pine for a while and loved it but recently switched to the fed kids BH only due to pricing.  we have often thought of moving out of the city and i'm just wondering if daycare is cheaper there or similarly priced?
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  • The BH in Armonk seems to be less expensive than in the city.  We decided against Pine Street b/c I found another place that was more conveniently located and less expensive.  Now that we are moving out of city, we were happy/relieved to see that the prices at BH Timber Ridge were better.  Reach out to them and ask them to send you their rates/brochure.

  • I have looked at BH in White Plains off of Westchester Ave - it is an amazing center, the director is wonderful. One of the staff at TimberRidge has also been extraordinarily helpful, too. I will say that they are one of the priciest in this part of Westchester. I send my daughter to the Children's Center at Purchase College, and it is great care, but does close much more often than Bright Horizons - for the entire month of August, for example, since it was originally created to cater to faculty children, but now is open to everyone. (Old habits die hard, I guess.) Good luck!

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