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Potty Training

where do I start?

DD is 23 months old now and only wets her diaper a few times a day, she holds it over night and everything. She can pull her pants up and down and tells us when she has pooped or peed in her diaper. 

We bought a potty when she was 17 months and would sit her on it from time to time. She would usually teetee on the potty when we sat her on it. We decided to kinda back off with it, bc she wasn't able to actually hold it anyway.

 So we are trying to seriously PT her now and she will not pee in the potty! We sit and read and try to bribe her and nothing is working. Does anyone have any helpful advice? Do you think she is too young? 

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Re: where do I start?

  • I don't think she's too young and she definitely sounds ready. I heard about Lora Jensen's 3-day potty training on this board and highly recommend it. We did it with DS over Labor Day weekend and it's working out really well for us.
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  • She's not too young. Here is a link to some helpful tips and things we have learned along they way.



    Good Luck!

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  • I also did the 3 day method over labor day weekend when DS was 22.5 months old.  It totally worked for us. 


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  • I don't think she's too young at all!!  My kids were fully PT (daytime, naps and nighttime) at age 17 & 15 months old- it was very easy and took a few days.  What we did was one day we just put them in underwear.  We explained dry vs. wet and told them to keep their underwear dry.  We would congratulate them for having dry underwear.  Due to their age, our expectation wasn't for them to tell us when they had to go- we merely just expected them to keep their underwear dry until we took a potty break.  On the first day we set a timer for every 30 min (we used the timer so there wasn't a power struggle- it was the timer telling them to go, not us).  We did this for several reasons- 1. it got them comfortable and use to the potty so by mid day they were able to release on the potty and 2. it guaranteed success & people only like doing things their good at.  We kept the potty ONLY in the bathroom (I was really against putting it anywhere else- part of PT is learning to hold it) and we never played/read books on the potty- the potty was for to do your business and get off.  We had them sit for no more than a few minutes.  If they went we gave them an M&M.  If they had an accident, we never scolded them- we just said look and feel your underwear isn't dry anymore.  The next day we took them every hour and the 2nd day it was 1 1/2 hours and the 3rd day was every 2 hours.  We had no accidents by day 2 and by day 4 they were telling us that they had to go (which is something we weren't even expecting).  We also put them in underwear for naps and bedtime- I just think its very confusing to tell them to keep their underwear dry but you can pee in it at naps/night time.  Like I said, it was super easy and not stressful at all.  We never had any regression issues.
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