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Baton Rouge General vs. Woman's

Hi Everyone,

Can you say overwhelmed? I just found out I'm pregnant through an at-home test, but of course want to get to a doctor to find out 1) that the test was right and 2) if everything's going as it should.

I do not have an OB-GYN right now, so I first have to pick a doctor. I'm posting this on the weekend since I can't do much calling around to doctors and hoping to have a little research to help me make a decision next week.

Trouble is, I don't know where to start -- my insurance covers 100% of delivery at Baton Rouge General and 75% at Woman's. Do most docs deliver both places or just prefer one or the other? I don't want this decision to be based on money, but it's a small consideration since we're not exactly rich.

I was buying vitamins at Whole Foods and the lady helping me pick out a prenatal one didn't have an exactly glowing recommendation of BR General -- is this true? Should I avoid it?

Frank opinions are welcomed. Thank you!!

Re: Baton Rouge General vs. Woman's

  • I had my two first children at Woman's Hospital.  My third pregnancy I chose to try Baton Rouge General.  I was less than impressed with Woman's during both of my deliveries...mostly rude staff.  I knew BR General is awesome because I had terrific care for a serious car accident.  I also had a friend deliver at the new hospital off of Bluebonnet and I was so impressed with the staff and birthing rooms.  However, when I chose a doctor that delivered at BR General, I was unimpressed and ultimately suffered m/c.  Not really doctor's fault, but she neglected to tell me it was a miscarriage after DNC verses molar pregnancy she "thought" it was.  I found out two years later when my regular gyn (not an ob) ordered a copy of my results, because of how anxious I was about cancer and possibly getting pregnant again.  This pregnancy, I'm back at Woman's.  Going to try to be less sensitive to the staff???  Just wanted to share what knowledge I could with you.  Hope it helps???
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  • Wish I could help, but I just moved to Baton Rouge.  I did see Ashley Willett at Womens, and I liked her.  Haven't seen her in action when it comes to a pregnancy, so who knows.  My overall impression of Womens is just ok.  The front desk girls are rude, but that's pretty standard in my opinion.  The nursing staff seemed TOO busy.  I felt very rushed.   

    Let me know if you find someone good and which hospital is the best.  I will do the same for you if I figure it out.  I miss my St Louis doctors and hospitals :(

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    Dx: Unexplained MCs. Possible poor egg quality.
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    MC-04/2011(10wks, D&C=TurnerSyndrome)
    IVF-10/2011 followed by MC-12/2011(10wks)
  • I'm 8 months now and I too have a health plan that only partially covers Woman's but 100% at BR General.  I'm going with General for several reasons.  One is, yes, the money issue.  If things get complicated with the birth I can rest assured that hubby and I won't have a gigantic bill waiting for us as we discharge.  Second, I'd like to have a natural birth with the help of a Doula and General has a better reputation for being supportive of that (confirmed when I went to General's birth class, they were excited to have the Doula back).  Third, my OB (Pearson) is on the list of OBs who can deliver at either hospital so I didn't have to worry about weirdness there.  My OB is in a big practice and I think several of them can deliver at both Woman's and General.  Keep looking and see what's right for you.
  • You may also want to consider Ochsner Hospital off of O'Neal. They are very supportive of natural deliveries and tub births. The nurse midwives are part of the practice and do alot of the deliveries. The Birth Center has only been open for about 18 months and is having a great success rate!

  • Thank you, everyone, for your feedback! We're having some issues (the calendar said I should be about 7 weeks, but the ultrasound measured in at 4w6d with no critter in there -- and now I've started spotting. Sorry for the TMI!!), so I have another appt on Halloween (oh, so appropriate) to see what's going on in there. Blighted ovum, possibly. So now delivery/hospital options seem way too premature. I think I first need to determine if I'm really pregnant! HA. What a crazy few weeks this has been!

  • I'm so sorry.  My thoughts & prayers are with you!!!
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  • Hi I'm 17 wks prego and I have been TTC for a while! I was going back and forth to the General, and one day just stopped! I wasn't pleased..  So I met a lady @ wrk who referred me to her Dr./OB @ woman's and not even 6months I was pregnant!! I love my Dr. His 2 nurses are very sweet and generous, they r always loving and caring and also on top of things!! They call u keep in touch and is always there for u for anything and omg my dr!! Sweet and caring the family wrk there they r dr's!!  And they r not about the money they really care about their patients!! His name is Edward Schwartzenburg 928-5951!! Awesome! 
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