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Happy Friday! Heard a rumor that BCBS of MA could cover the cost of a breast bump or at least the rental of one.... Has anyone had any experience with this??

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  • I'm pretty sure my SIL has BCBS, and she had a free pump for like 10 months or something.  Ask your Dr.  - I think they need to write a "prescription" or something for the ins co to pay for it.

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  • At the hospital I was told that BCBS of MA does cover a breast pump with a prescription from your OB or from your child's pedi.  I would call your insurance and ask.
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  • My sister-in-law got hers for free with BCBS (mail-order I think).  She just got a prescription from her doctor while she was still in the hospital and it arrived in the mail a few days later.
  • This is good to know, I never heard of this. Thanks for the post!!
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  • Hi! I have BCBS, and so does my SIL and we both just got new medela freestyle pumps for free. BCBS gives you the choice between the freestyle, the pump in style or 10 months' rental of a hospital grade pump.

     You will need a prescription though, but it can be vague on the reasoning, like 'latch issues'. We took our prescription to Isis and they handled all the paperwork- we just told them what pump we wanted, and it was ready for pickup in 3 days or so. 


    Definitely awesome and saved me over $300. 

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