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DS is definitely getting grabby

Anyone else's LOs becoming super grabby? Mine was grabbing things, fine, ok, but it seems like this week he is REALLY getting good at it. You lean over him, he reaches up and grabs your nose, your cheeks, your upper lip (ow). You carry him around, he holds on for dear life to your shirt/hair (again, ow).

My favorite is when I'm holding him close he's starting to stare at my boobs - even if they're covered with a T-shirt - and reaches forward with a squeezing motion. It's really adorable. I'm sure it won't be so adorable when he starts trying to undress me in public, though. ;)

Re: DS is definitely getting grabby

  • I was wearing a V-neck gown around the house earlier and pulled one side over to nurse DD.  She reached her little arm out and pulled the other side over to grab my boob.  It was pretty hilarious.  

    DH didn't realize that she's started grabbing onto things when he was playing with her a few days ago.  He held her up by his head and she grabbed onto his hair and pulled and wouldn't let go.  As if postpartum shedding wasn't enough, now I have a hair-puller trying to finish the job!

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  • DS is too! He likes to pinch me! I don't mind it but right now I have to cut his nails. Ouch. He's paying attention to everything I eat and if he's near enough he tries to reach for it, anything I have in my hands he wants! I love when he's holding on to my shirt or anything if I'm carrying him, he looks like a little baby monkey!
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  • Totally!  I was giving DS some gas drops earlier and he grabbed the dropper and sucked them out on his own.  And when we are in bed in the morning he pulls my shirt down while eyeing my boobs.  How did these babies get so big?!
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  • Yes, he is very grabby.  He loves to grab at his big sister's hair--she's not too thrilled about that.

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  • LO is so grabby. I have to carry everything at arms length when I have him because he will get it! It is so cute. I love how when I give him his bottle he stares at me and reaches up and strokes my cheek. It kills me! He is getting such good fine motor skills. They grow so fast.

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  • Non-stop grabbing, whether it's DH or I. And we both wear glasses, unfortunately. Also fond of yanking on lips, sticking fingers up the nose, and pulling hair. And he loves to just sink his fingers deep into my arm while I'm changing his diaper.
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  • Yeah, Viv likes to grab at my eyes and nose.  And she loves to slap and pinch my boob while nursing.  That is not fun, at all!  If I try to hold her hand or move it, she gets mad and starts windmilling me.
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  • Yessss.  Thus my hair in a bun every day.  Admittedly, I do love that he studies my face when he grabs it, and he wraps his arms around my neck when I hold him.  He's pulled out my earrings on more than one occasion, though!
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