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Experience with Institute for Reproductive Health?

We have our first appt. there next week with Dr. Awadalla -- and wanted to know if anyone had any experience/feedback with them you'd be willing to share.

After a year of tests (everything looks fine on paper, at least!) and 4 unsuccessful rounds of Clomid (none of which even resulted in ovulation), my OBGYN has suggested it's time to go see the experts.... :/ 

They were her top reco, but I've found mixed reviews via some Googling, so just wanted to see if anyone else had any experience/feedback to share.

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Re: Experience with Institute for Reproductive Health?

  • It's smart to move on to a specialist!  You're doing the right thing!

    IRH gave me my youngest son (Henry, turned 2 in June) via IVF/PGD.  I didn't even consider any other RE's in the area, they were recommended by my OB/GYN.

    There are a handful of other ladies who had success with them on this board as well. 

    Good luck to you!  

  • I may be the exception. I  had no success with them. I think they are experts for the women under 35. Being AMA, I felt they really didn't want me to mess up their numbers. When we asked for our money back, no one even called to find out why or why were not continuing with the group. They just sent us a check.

    However, I have many friends who went to them years ago and had GREAT success!

    My one piece of advice is have your questions ready up front and certainly do not be afraid to ask them questions. They do answer the questions with out a problem. But if you don't ask, it is assumed that you know the answers.

    Hope to help.

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  • I don't want my reply to sound bitter and feel that it does. I know the group is highly regarded in Cincinnati. I know they have done wonderful things. I just want you to be aware of my impression if you are over 35
    "Onward"--CathyMD Waiting since 07/5/2011 for our forever child! Yep we are adopting!
  • I just wanted too 'ditto' what Baze said about asking questions.  To be completely honest I felt like there was a fair amount of information that was of significance to my case that was readily given to me.  Some things I knew to ask for (and they didn't have any problem giving me any info I requested) but some things I didn't find out until after the fact when I got my file.  

    Definitely go in prepared and ASK questions about everything!!!!! 
  • Dr A was successful in getting me pregnant twice. I really don't have s negative thing to say about the practice. I think the employees are great and dr. A was wonderful. Our first pregnancy took 2 cycles of femara and timed intercourse, the second pregnancy took 5 cycles and an IUI with injectible drugs. If you have specific questions definitely ask. Do some research prior to your consult so you can be prepared. Best of luck to you! If you have any questions we can answer, feel free to ask. There are many mommies on this board thanks to IRH.
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  • I have a 10 mo old baby girl thanks to Dr. Awadalla. Went there in similar situation. I was very skeptical and had little hope. It was another 2 yrs of treatment, but we ended up with the biggest blessing EVER after ivf. Good luck on your journey and hope you become part of their great success rate too!
  • I was able to get pregnant after being with Dr. Awadalla for only two months.  My husband and I had tried Clomid without success and had been tested for all kinds of things that all came back negative.  What finally worked for us was Femara w/IUI. 

    I felt like Dr. Awadalla took the time to figure out what was wrong and then tailor a plan that both my husband and I felt comfortable with.  I had only positive experiences with all of my office visits and treatments.

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  • Hi Brummy :) I remember you from the knot days. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.  I will try to give you the condensed version of my story. My son, who is a little over 4 months old, is a result of IVF at IRH. I personally saw Dr. Scheiber.  It took us a little over 3 years to figure everything out but we did. I even consulted with the #1 clinic in the country out in Colorado. I have PCOS & clotting issues as well as repeated losses and saw the RE that specializes in PCOS there. When I met with her she explained to me that in all of her years of practice I wasn't the worst case she had seen I was in the top 10 for sure. So I am definitely a more difficult case and IRH got me pregnant.  I think that the fact that you ovulated is great news.

    Like others said if you're a person who likes to know everything go with questions. Some people like to be blissfully unaware & trust the doctors. I am not one of those people so I did a lot of research and asked a lot of questions. I also recommend taking your husband with you to your consult. This is a time when you will get a chance to sit down with Dr. A & he will explain a lot & you can ask as many questions as you want. Good luck!!

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  • I saw Dr. A and that's how we got our twins thru IVF.  I had a good experience, but will agree with some others who say... ask questions.  Sometimes I felt like they were assuming I knew stuff, or weren't going into the nitty gritty details... and I wanted the details!  So, speak up!  And... good luck!  You will be in good hands with Dr. A :)
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  • I am currently 28 weeks pregnant thanks to Awadalla. I loved IRH and everybody there was sooo nice. Awadalla was great-he isn't as outgoing as Scheiber or Burwinkle but just as knowledgable. My husband and I owe him so much!! I got pregnant on my second IVF. You will not regret going to IRH!!

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  • I have nothing but great things to say about Dr. Awadalla and IRH.  I'm currently almost 21 weeks pregnant thanks to them.  I had gone through infertility for many years before going to see them.  He discovered I had a uterine septum and I had surgery to remove it.  2 months after surgery I was pregnant.  Some people say that you feel like just a number there because of the amount of patients.  I felt with my experience the longer I was there the more they got to know me.  If you have any questions feel free to email me or check out my blog.
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  • We have our precious daughter from IVF with Dr. Scheiber.  We saw Dr. Chin prior to that, for IUI's. Had a great experience with both.
  • Really late to this party, but I just want to say I think they are awesome! Yes, you have to ask questions or just put your faith in knowing that they know what they are doing :)

    I have 2 beautiful little girls through IVF, Dr. S is my primary, but both helped along the way. I have PCOS and I am currently in another IVF cycle with them:)


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