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If you don't do things the same, do you feel guilty?

We were thinking we'd just put Riley in a pumpkin sleeper we have with a matching hat for Halloween this year.  But this morning it hit me that Gavin's first Halloween he got an adorable costume and we even had his pictures taken in it at Portrait Innovations.  Now I feel like we need to get her a real costume.  I always remember my sister joking about how she didn't have as many pictures as a baby, etc. because she was the second.  Does anyone else let things like this bother them?

Re: If you don't do things the same, do you feel guilty?

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    I think it's inevitable, I feel the same way.  We definitely haven't taken as many pictures of Thomas as we did with Rosie, but I'm so much busier with two that I don't have the time. 

    The main thing I worry about is BF'ing- I BF Rosie for 22 months, and I feel like I have to do it for exactly as long with Thomas.  Who knows if he'll even want to BF for that long, but I feel like things have to be equal, even when I know they can't be.  

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    I have been trying to do this, but I know that there are things I did for E that I won't be able to do for A and vice versa.  I know it probably sounds crazy, but I wanted their 1st birthday parties at the same park, so yesterday 8 months ahead, I booked the pavillion for Andrew's party.  It was the one thing that I wanted to make sure that I did for both, and I did not want to miss the mark (the reservations opened up yesterday).  I got them the same exact baby book too :)
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    Yup, I know I will!  I already feel guilty about how un-involved I have been during this pregnancy.  It has gone so fast.  I played music on my belly every night for dd once I read that she could hear outside noises.  I actually tried finding it in the book last week, but I couldn't and so I still don't know if the baby can hear me.  I knew every fruit dd was each week.  For ds, it is only because of my ticker that I have any idea how far along I am.  We have no idea what we will do for a nursery...I really want to not lose our Full size bed.  So maybe it will go to dd, but a friend just gave us a toddler bed.  HOnestly, I think we will just shove the crib in the corner of the spare bedroom for a while.  DH spent hours doing dd's nursery.  But we only use it for sleep....we play downstairs.  So mentally I know it is fine, but I feel so much guilt about that too.  But remember my post about Christmas cards and birth announcements?  It would make more sense to combine them, but I just don't think I can.  I think I will feel guilty.

    I remember I always used to snoop and find my christmas gifts as a kid.  My mom eventually locked up the gifts.  But then I found the list of gifts in her jewelry box.  A detailed list of every gift she got my sister and I.  She made it even in $$ spent and even in # of gifts to open.  I have  a feeling I will do this too.  Of course I will be better at hiding than she was.

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