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I must have missed the post about you going back to work.  How is it going?  
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    yep, I didn't really say too much... I think I was in denial! ;) I'm working 4 days during the week (and one weekend), so I still get one day home with him... which is nice.

    But, things are going okay. I'm actually enjoying work, and the adult time. Evan really likes daycare too. Some mornings are tough and he cries a bit, but whenever I call to check in on him his teacher assures me he is having fun and the tears are short lived. 

    The only bad part so far is that both E and I have gotten sick already. Those darn germy kids! Evan had a bug last week and couldn't go to daycare at all. Thank goodness for my dad, who was able to stay w/ him most days. DH took a half day and I took a half day, and my dad watched him the rest of the days. I just got over bronchitis and now have a terrible cold/allergy thing going on. Blah. 

    Thanks for asking though! Good luck to you when you go back... I think I saw you said something about next week?!

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