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Dylan may dress as himself for Halloween this year :o(

I put his costume on him the other day and he screamed bloody murder.  I bought him a puppy costume from Target.  I'll have to keep trying it on him and see what happens.  And for the record....I hate the costumes they have for boys.  I still have no idea what Justin will be.  I thought he wanted to be a dinosaur but he changes his mind daily.  I want to dress them up in some girly
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Re: Dylan may dress as himself for Halloween this year :o(

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    Both my boys are going to be pumpkins....Evan made the decision and has stuck with it.  Look, he will probably change his mind the week before :)
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    i have no idea what ethan will be.  he won't wear a costume. I am trying for bob the builder since it is just overalls and a flannel shirt
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