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HLG Tuesday

Good morning ladies! Wasn't sure what to write today, so I decided to lurk around the internet to see what I could find. I liked this article.

Since my problem has been keeping up my motivation to stay on track with running, I may make a contract with myself. Run 3 times a week until the 5K I signed up for on Thanksgiving, and I'll splurge on something from Athleta or Lululemon.

So far I have tomorrow, Friday and Sunday as my days.

What's your motivation going to be?

Re: HLG Tuesday

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    I wrote about this yesterday - but I bought a pair of $90 jeans on Sunday. I can button them - but they are definitely not comfortable. I figure they will last me through the holidays - and then maybe I can get the next pair two sizes down. Two sizes down is a good size for me. If I can get below that I will be thrilled.

    I'd also like to lose 50lbs before getting pregnant again. And I am going to be STRICT with my next 25lbs gained, MAX. I can't go through this again. That's if we even still want to have another by next summer :)

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    I need some serious motivation...that has been my issue.  I went out for a short jog yesterday.  It felt good, but true realization about how out of shape I am.  We have a Gala for church in 3 would be great to feel good in whatever dress I decide to wear (or shop for :).  I go back to work on Thursday and I always seem to eat a little better then.  
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    I ordered Zumba Fitness for will be here tomorrow! I better finish these yummy cookies I baked yesterday! =)

    R took a pic of me from the side the other day.....oh lord I am fat! haha I need to get my butt in gear and loose some weight before I am cleared to TTC! 

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    Hmmm....I have 2 pairs of pants I would love to fit into, but otherwise, I don't have a big motivator (besides a number).  I need to find something!  Well, Florida trip in April, but that is a long ways away. 
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