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Pizza party

We're doing a pizza party this year for DD (making my life a heck of a lot easier).

So aside from ordering a pizza, I'll have plenty of drinks and a salad.  What else should I have?  Or should I have veggies with dip?  Do we need to order wings too?

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    I don't think you NEED to order wings (but if it was me, i would cuz I like them)

    I would do something like a cheese and veggie platter too though.I'd rather eat that kind of thing than a salad with pizza.


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    I did pizza for Ty's birthday.  I did pizza, home made pasta salad, chips, pretzels and fruit salad.
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    Maybe some veggies and dip or some fruit. 
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    Like a pasta or fruit salad?  I wouldn't normally think to have a mixed greens salad, but maybe you know people would like to eat that.

    If I was having a pizza party, I would order wings.  But we like wings and so do a lot of our friends and family.  You guys are vegetarian, so maybe not many people would eat them?  I would also have a fruit salad and veggie tray and chips and dip out.

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    Munchies to hold everyone over until the pizza comes - veggies, cheese & crackers, chips & dip, etc. Stuff you just need to open up and pour into a bowl. Order wings if you know people will eat them.
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    We just did pizza for Evan's party and we had 2 different kinds of salad, spinach and artichoke dip and chips and dip.  IMO Wings are areally hard to keep good and fresh, unless you eat them right away, so we decided against them.  
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    We did this last year (with wings and tossed salad) for Dylan's 1st b-day party.  I didn't think it would be enough though so I did appetizers too.  Ended up being way too much food and people weren't even really hungry for the pizza.  I would suggest doing just a few appetizers....just some stuff to snack on before the pizza gets there.  Plus you'll have the cake too so it's a lot of food!
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