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So- where does one go for maternity clothes in San Antonio?  I know there is the Destination Maternity on I-10....anything else?  I'm looking for a cute t-shirt announcing my pregnancy.
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  • Gap, Old Navy, Khol's, Motherhood (Forum), Target - But I've never seen any cute shirts to announce pregnancy in them, and I've been in them all recently.  I was looking for cute ones that said "Love my Bump" or something along those lines, but nada.  

    Otherwise I order off the internet.  There's a site that you can get stickers (for shirts) that say what milestone you're at in your pregnancy, as well as, some for baby once they are born. 
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  • There's also this site: https://www.kippygomaternity.com

    I just ordered a Christmas shirt from them. 
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  • I've seen shirts at Burlington as well as Nursery Couture!
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