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NBR: Medical bill question

I just got a bill from United Health Services for having some blood drawn at my local UHS.  Is this strange?  I have to do BW every month for my GI Dr, and every 6 weeks for my thyroid (both places are UHS offices) and they don't match up in timeframes so I figured I'd walk around the corner and get it drawn at the UHS on the street behind mine.  It was a way better solution than dealing with a toddler in a hospital, and took 5 minutes total from checking in to leaving.  But I'll deal with the inconvienence to save myself the $15 next time!  Maybe I'm cheap or this is normal, but it's never happened before so I'm curious if it's normal. 
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Re: NBR: Medical bill question

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    You may want to check on why you were charged. Maybe they put in a wrong code or something? If you went to a UHS, and blood draws are covered 100% under your policy, then I don't see why you were charged.

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    What did the charge say it was for? You shouldn't have a charge just for getting your blood drawn in a satellite office. I always go to the UHS office locations for my blood draws and I haven't received a charge. I would definitely call them and ask why you are being charged.
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