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When did DH feel your baby kick?

We've had SUCH a hard time with this one.  Sammy kicks me, and boy does he know his kung-fu...right to the back of my belly button!  However, Daddy must have some kind of bad luck or something because every time he lays his hand on my belly while Sammy's kicking, Sammy stops and DH can't ever feel him.

I was getting a little depressed about this, but I know he'll be able to soon!  Anyone else out there have the same problem?  If so, when did DH feel your baby kick and if there's a method you used, what was it?

One word describes me right now:  EXCITED.

Be blessed, everyone!  <3




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Re: When did DH feel your baby kick?

  • Same thing happened to us!! I can't Remember the exact day, but it was so awesome when DH did finally feel her kick.
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  • Same thing happened to us too! Baby would move and grove and hub would go to touch and nothing - he/she would stop. I really cant remember the exact day that he finally felt the baby move I think it was about 23-24 weeks maybe... Now that the baby moves more and more he gets more chances.

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  • My boyfriend can now both see and feel the baby kick and I'm now 22 weeks...he first really felt the tiny kicks at mid ~20 weeks!! ;D
  • Hubbie just finally felt our baby move for the first time about a week ago.  I think I was more excited than he was!!  We tried to see if he could feel it with his hand on my stomach starting around week 22, but he couldn't yet.  Finally one day he laid down with me and wrapped his arm around my stomach, then he was able to feel him move.  He said that once he realized what it felt like that he thought he may have felt him before and just didn't know it, even this time when he felt him he originally thought it was my heartbeat. lol.  Good luck and have a happy new year!!
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