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Thinking Sinus infection WWYD?

Took a sick day from work today because I have been sick for the past 11 days....Ugh!

Anyway feeling better over the weekend then last night I started getting some really bad face pain under and above my left eye and from my nose to my ear. Next thing I know I am getting into bed and had to blow my nose and suddenly I start getting   bright yellow mucus/snot pooring out of my nose.I decided to use my neti pot and even more yuckiness came out! 

my face hurt alot more after this. I didn't sleep well last night I was so uncomfterable I decided to take day off of work and go to the Doctor!

I also hate taking time off I work 13hrs days and do not want to burn through time.

DR. office cannot see me until 2pm. Should I wait to see them or go to immediate care this AM. Thinking I will be getting an antibiotic & want it to kick in so I can go to work tommorrow.

Thanks for opinion

Re: Thinking Sinus infection WWYD?

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    Definitely sounds like one. Keep using the neti pot, at least twice a day - it will help to flush the gunk out of your sinuses a little faster. Can you take Sudafed? That with some Advil may help to dull the pain a little. Hope you're feeling better soon!
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