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Preschool check-in

How are the kids doing at preschool?  Adjusting well?

Any special events in September?  (pictures, field trips, etc)

Anything going on this week?


My DD had school photos last week, and I guess a lot of kids were anxious about it!  We also had a field trip to the orchard on the 23rd, which was fun but exhausting.  DD has two 'best friends' at school which is really cute, she talks about them all the time, and they were so cute on their field trip.  I am working on a homework assignment with DD where she is making a poster about herself, which is fun but definitely a look into what is in our future (homework projects).  We got 5 Scholastic book catalogs today, which are going to be dangerous for me to look at, I end up with so many books!!

Re: Preschool check-in

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    Brianna is doing great with preschool, she loves it.  Not one single problem or issue.  Her favorite part is singing songs and helping her teachers get ready for the next activity.  I also started sending her in underwear instead of pull-ups, I was concerned she would be too busy and have accidents.  I didn't want her to feel any negativity toward school the first couple weeks.  She has done great, not one single accident in the three days she has been wearing underwear to school.

    Tyler on the other hand, school is school.  I did finally speak with his teacher.  It was almost like she read my post from a few weeks ago.  She said she has been considering calling me in for a conferance before regular conferance since we hadn't had a chance to talk.  I feel much better now about Tyler being in her class.  She is taking a completely different approach to Ty than they took last year.  Last year, they were doing complex charts and reward systems to get Ty through the day.  I wasn't a fan for various reasons and had expressed that to his teacher, but they felt it was best that way.  Ty's new teacher said they sent all his charts and such, but she didn't want to use them with Ty.  She didn't believe that this would teach Ty life long methods of coping.  When she said that I wanted to jump up and down and give her a hug because that is EXACTLY what I have been feeling about the charts and rewards.  She feels that most of Ty's outbursts, tantrums and behavior are beyond his control so it doesn't make sense to reward or punish him for actions he just can't control.  It was like she read my mind.  She also doesn't think Ty has autism, which I can't say I disagree with.  She thinks he probably has some other disorders all working together to create a perfect storm.  I am a little sad that she doesn't thnk Ty will be able to go to a regular Kindergarden class  :-(  She is going to start pushing the school age ppl now to get his services next year because he never tests as though he has any issues, because he is smart.  I think we both agree that being smart is going to get Tyler no where in life if we can't get over his other issues.

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    @TPB - so glad you were able to talk with Ty's teacher. Hope it shapes up to be a good year for him.

    The last couple of weeks have been much better for Ian. His teachers have been great about keeping him from getting distracted by the other kids he tends to fool around with/follow in class. They say they've seen a huge improvement in him since the beginning of the year, and that he loves to participate during circle time and asks to be assigned classroom jobs.

    Picture day was a couple weeks ago. Although I'd love to get some if they come out, I probably won't because they're too darn expensive.

    His classroom does a positive reward system involving earning marbles for the classroom jar. When the jar is full, the class gets a party. They've earned their first party already. It will be Pajama Day on Wednesday! Ian's very excited because he loves being able to stay in his jammies all day!

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    I got to be the parent volunteer last week for Reed's birthday.  He was so excited and had a great time.  It was purple day so they were supposed to wear purple.  The only purple thing we owned for him was his tie from Easter so he got dressed up and was so proud of his Easter shirt and tie.  I made icecream cone cupcakes and used purple sprinkles too to go along with the color day and they had purple grapes.  They have been having treats that correspond to the color for the day.  Reed loves telling me what they ate.  On green day they had pears, kiwi, and celery which I thought was such a great snack.  


    Reed had told me "K... is a mean girl".  Turns out K... is a boy and he is really not well behaved at all.  He has super long curly hair that he wears in a high ponytail which is why Reed was confused.  Being there for the whole class period made me realize what a challenge the teachers have with him.  He  hits, won't participate, refuses to do pretty much everything or sit for circle time, and does not share well.  Turns out he is the son of a high profile Buffalo Bills player...I couldn't help but think "oh, that explains it".  I don't think he has developmental issues at all.  I just think he is really spoiled and his parents encourage certain behaviors that would normally not be allowed.  I hope they can make progress with him as the year goes on because it really is distracting for all the other kids and it ends up infringing on pretty much every activity.  

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    Not too much to report here. Eve is doing fine with school.. she loves going and hates getting picked up. Although her teacher did tell me she's had a couple of "rough days" with lots of whining.. but well, thats EVERY day at home, so I can't say I'm terribly surprised.. There seems to be one boy who either, she doesn't get along with, or he's just a little jerk. One day she told me that he looked at her mean and then when I picked her up on friday, he actually gave her a little shove when we were leaving.. not hard.. but it wasn't "friendly".. And the teacher was having a talk with his grandma when I got there and that was one of the days that she said was one of Eve's rough days, so I wonder if he's not instigating. She's doing fine with being in undies at school too. I take her potty when we get there and she only had an accident the very first day.
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    Gavin is loving it.  He got to be line leader last Tuesday and the 'weather man' on Thursday so it was a great week in his mind.  This month they are having a Halloween party that he's really excited about.  I love that he has things to bring home and show me now.  He's very proud of his 'I am Special' book and it was fun to have him 'read' it with me.  The first page has a picture of him on the first day of school.  He isn't really looking at the camera and honestly, looks sad.  I asked him if he was sad, and he said, 'No, I was scared.'  :(
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    Eva is absolutely loving preschool!  Her teacher said she's still very quiet and just observing what the other kids are doing so I'm hoping she starts participating more soon.  They don't do pictures or have any field trips planned yet.  They did get two new classroom pets (in addition to the hamster and fish)- mice named Chocolate and Vanilla!
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    Chelsea is loving it! She didn't have school last Thursday and she was complaining all week that it was taking forever to go to school again! Her teacher says that she is adjusting great and we've had no issues. They have been doing Fall crafts and Chelsea has been painting up a storm! Next Tuesday is our orchard trip, we are excited!
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