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Alright HLG...I'm back

Who's in?

I was thinking that if we can get FIVE people...each of us can be in charge of a weekday to post something fun, inspirational, a recipe or exercise tip, etc.


I know Wendy is in...she's been harping us for quite a while ;)

I bought some expensive/tight jeans that I want to squeeze into this Saturday night - and then just keep continuing to fit in them better. That's my motivation - short term.

So I call Mondays, who's got Tuesdays???.....hhhmmmmmmm?????

Re: Alright HLG...I'm back

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    LOL - have I really been that bad? Sorry to be a bug. Just that you ladies helped me from gaining a ton of weight this summer, so I wanted to keep the momentum going.

    I can do Tuesdays. I have really been pushing myself to find fun ways to exercise, so I could what kind of tidbits I can dig up.

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    I'm in... I have to be!

    I will definitely jump in when I can... but now that I'm back at work my days off vary, so I can't commit to a day. And there's no internet access at work, so I'm usually on at night... if ever. I could post something at night for the next day though.

    Being back at work has actually made it easier to eat healthy, sort of. I've been bringing my lunch, and even if I don't I have a grocery store full of options. Which can obviously be a bad thing too (hello, our branch is right next to the bakery... I smell donuts!) But, I've been buying fruit, bags of salad mix or a few slices of turkey and I bought a loaf of ww bread to keep at work. 

    I'm getting over bronchitis, and my sinuses/allergies have been awful the past 2 days. Once I'm healthy I have to find time to squeeze in some workouts. I know I won't want to go to the gym after work... all I want to do is come home and spend every second w/ Evan before he goes to bed. So, my plan is to go to the gym on my 2 days off, and then do a workout (from the Exercise On Demand channel) 2-3 mornings a week. Or even just some crunches, pushups and jumping jacks!  


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    Weighed myself yesterday...I fell off the wagon at the end of August and I'm up 8lbs... frig.

    Our Disney trip is in 2 weeks so it's a lost cause. I have extreme muffin top in my vacation clothes so I'll be as covered up as possible in 85* heat. We decided to book a trip to Mexico for the 1st week of March. I'm going with my SIL (tall blonde twig), a family friend who will be our nanny (tall blonde twig) and DH's cousin who will be SIL's nanny (she's lost 95lbs the last 6 months). I'm joining the gym this week. I NEED to get this darn weight off.

    Ramble over- can I be Fridays?

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    Monday - Telyco

    Tuesday - Wendy

    Wednesday - NikCole (but she will start the thread Tues night)

    Thursday - ?? any takers ??

    Friday - MrsWhite


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    I'll do Thursdays!  I have 7 pounds to lose and it is TOUGH!  Dear Mia, please start sttn again.  Blah!
    O 10.08 & MJ 6.10
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