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18 Month appt.-shots?

I'm taking Stella for her 18 month check up tomorrow (how is she that old already??).  Did your LO get shots at this appt.?  As bad as shots are when they are babies, I'm really not looking forward to them as the girls get older and they know what's coming.
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Re: 18 Month appt.-shots?

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    I'm having a hard time remembering, how bad is that? I THINK she did though. I think 18 mos are supposed to be the "last" shots til age 4.... but Eve's dr messed up and she had to get one at her 30  month visit.
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    We didn't have any breaks until after the 2 yr vaccines, aside from flu vaccine we are done until 4. So yes, he did have vaccines at 18 mos.
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    My DD didn't have shots at 18 months.. Just her flu shot. Is this right?
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