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New to The Bump with a Prevacid/Milk Allergy Question

Hi Guys!

I hope this hasn't been asked before, but I'm wondering if my son (9 weeks old) could be allergic to Prevacid.  

We took him to a GI specialist almost two weeks ago because the poor baby was clearly miserable and in pain.  He would scream during feeds, arch, cry, etc and then he stopped eating more than 1, maybe 2 ounces.  He's a big boy and he was only taking 15 ounces a day.  He also was pretty depressed, no more sweet smiles and our pediatrician found blood in his stool.

Specialist took him off breastmilk (exclusive pumper, here) and on a two week Neocate trial and he was IMMEDIATELY better on Neocate, sucked down an entire bottle the very first time and we were so happy to see our happy baby again.  However, after 5 days we introduced the Prevacid BACK in and the fussiness returned - arching, screaming, hitting the 2 ounce wall an not taking another sip, etc.  

Two days off the Prevacid and he is happy and eating again.  So, is he allergic to Prevacid?  Does he even have a dairy allergy at all?  Inquiring minds want to know.  Any of you with sweet little ones allergic to Prevacid have any insight for this new momma?  Of course I'm calling the doc on Monday, too.




Re: New to The Bump with a Prevacid/Milk Allergy Question

  • Your LO is having a bad reaction to Neocate only + Prevacid? 

    Prevacid suppresses stomach acid production so that won't do anything for a dairy sensitivity/allergy but, the decrease in stomach acid can be disruptive to digestion. If stomach acid is too low, food may leave the stomach without being as broken down as it should be and ferment in the intestines causing excess gas (pain). Ironically, the excess gas can cause too much pressure in the digestive tract and one way it escapes is backing up into the esophagus, allowing acid to go where it shouldn't... reflux, rinse and repeat :/

    It's possible the Prevacid itself may have some negative effect. Stomach pain is one of the side effects listed for the drug . That could be a result of the above scenario w/ excess gas. 

    If you don't mind sharing, what was the overall plan from the specialist? Did you try an elimination diet first with the easy stuff like dairy & soy, being careful about hidden sources? What's the plan with the neocate and prevacid? I'm curious..

  • Some background:  He was put on Zantac at around 3 weeks for reflux. At that time, my pedi suspected either a dairy problem and/or the reflux, so she decided to treat the reflux and if he improved, great.  If not, we'd then attack it from an allergy standpoint.  He got better with the Zantac at that time, but were told after about a week we could switch to Prevacid (apparently our insurance requires the Zantac first before it will okay the Prevacid).   Things were relatively good from that point.  He's always fought his bottle and he takes FOREVER to eat, but those improved and we thought we were home free.  Then the more severe symptoms appeared - the screaming, not eating, etc.  Obviously we took him to the pedi pretty quick, and she was sort of casual about finding the blood and just said to eliminate dairy or move him to Allimentum or Nutramagin.  At that point, my lactation consultant recommended the GI specialist.  He told me to start the elimination diet (dairy/soy only and I've been very careful to read labels - pretty much just eating lean protein and fruits and veggies) and do the 2 week Neocate trial.  On day 15, I can give him one breastmilk bottle pumped that day and watch for a reaction.  Honestly after that, I have no idea - I planned to have a chat with his office before day 15.  

     I assume that he's fine with the Neocate.  His very first bottle he drained like he was starving (I'm sure he was) and he improved pretty rapidly over the next two days or so.  He started to have the nasty nose vomit, choking himself and turning beet red, giving us all a heart attack, so we asked GI doc if we could go ahead and restart the Prevacid.  He said yes, but to watch for any reaction.  He became fussy after about the second dose - screaming and arching, but nowhere near as bad as he was when we first took him to the doctor for the suspected allergy. We stopped the Prevacid yesterday and he's been great.  He did arch and fight me this evening, so who the heck knows!?!  It's all so frustrating to not know for certain what is wrong with my lo!!!

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  • So it sounds like the 2 week neocate trial was to sort of have a blank slate to start with for your LO and for your milk to be clear of any lingering dairy and soy. That makes sense.

    Apparently, Prevacid is made with medical grade lactose so maaaybe a very sensitive person could react to that. And some of the neocate ingredients are corn-derived so another possible trigger for the very sensitive even though it's supposed to be hypoallergenic. 

    Another possibility is a physiological issue like immature LES or hiatal hernia. Have those sorts of things been ruled out? I would really try to push for getting to the bottom of the problem so that you don't end up chasing after symptoms for months.  

    AR/GERD is tricky for sure. DD's reflux was clearly solved through diet but the road for DH to get off of zantac has been much more challenging. Hope you find some answers & solutions soon, GL!

  • Hi, my son has a severe milk/soy allergy and I had to stop breastfeeding and start him on Neocate.  He improved but it takes a good 2-3 weeks for the full effect.  Is your son taking the Prevacid solutabs?  If so, that may be the problem.  The Prevacid solutabs have milk protein in them.  We found this out the hard way.  Once my son was on Neocate and high dose of Zantac for 3 weeks, he was like a different child.  Please go back and talk with the GI specialist about the Prevacid!  Let me know if you need anything!  This is a hard road and its been rough.  My son is now 5 months old and starting solids....a whole new set of issues making sure there is no milk or soy!!  Good luck!!


  • Thanks to you both for the info and support!  I never dreamed this would all be so hard!  It's a good thing he's so darn cute! :-)
  • My daughter was exactly the same as your baby. She is now on neocate (8 days) & been on prevacid for 3 weeks, I really haven't noticed a difference with her reflux and the prevacid. THe thin neocate made the reflux worse I think bc she would tear up when she burped and cry/ make an awful face when she burped or hiccup. The cereal seems to be the only slight relief from reflux. I have heard that it can contain milk still so who knows if that is still affecting her. It is really frustrating and crazy how the smallest traces can affect them. That's why she couldn't do the alimentum.
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