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Potty Training

Success! (And advice)

We've had major PT success over the last few weeks.  Wanted to share my story for those who are struggling.

 DD showed a lot of interest in the potty a year ago (at 19 mos.)  I thought she was going to be one of those genius kids who were PT before two.  LOL.  She used the potty occasionally for several months, but I didn't push it.

When she turned two, she began taking off her diaper whenever it was wet or dirty.  I thought, "Great!  Now she's REALLY ready!"  We did some hardcore PTing for the next month.  Charts, rewards, movies, big girl underwear...the works.  She did great and before long she was fully trained at home.

A month later she was over it.  She began peeing in her underwear 6-7 times a day simply because she didn't want to take the time to go on the potty.  I guess she didn't realize it was a lifetime commitment.  Stick out tongue  I was beyond frustrated. 

My parents told me to keep trying.  My friends told me to put her back in diapers and let her decide when she was ready.  Thankfully, I ignored our parents' advice and listened to my friends.  I put her back in diapers and we were both much happier.

Five months later, (at 2.5) she decided on her own that she was done with diapers.  With no help from me, she started wearing underwear again and has very few accidents, even in public.  She is even night training herself.  She insists on wearing a Pull Up to bed, and she asked us to take down her gate so she can use the potty on her own at night.  And she does!  She is dry about half the time after naps and nighttime right now.

I am so glad I let her do this on her own & didn't push.  I have several friends who went through the same thing and one day (before they were three) their girls just decided they were done with diapers as well.

My advice?  Don't stress over "when" your child is trained.  I was set on having DD out of diapers before the baby came, but it didn't happen.  And I survived. 

Hope this helps someone.

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Re: Success! (And advice)

  • imagezeadfly:
    I've pretty much resigned to the fact that L will be in pull ups forever. She has no want to use the potty, I try to get her excited for it and it makes no difference. She never acknlowedges going pee or poop in her pull up. She would sit in it all day if I let her, it doesn't bother her at all.

    Maybe it's beside the point - but if I were you, I'd put her back in diapers, pull-ups are WAY more expensive!

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