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Why did I watch that??? (movie warning)

The Other Woman with Natalie Portman. It came on Showtime and I didn't even really know what it was about but I love Natalie Portman so I watched it. The whole thing centered around a woman who lost her newborn baby girl to SIDS. I cried the whole movie and now that it is over I am still crying. I don't know how I will sleep now. If you haven't seen it please don't watch!

Re: Why did I watch that??? (movie warning)

  • I saw that listed on Showtime the other day and meant to watch but got side tracked. Now I'm glad I missed it
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  • Even though I am just lurking THANK YOU for posting this!!! I had it in my Netflix queue and was literally waiting for it to load. I will definitely be skipping it now. I thought it was about cheating? lol damn misleading movie description!!
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  • Sounds like a movie that I definitely will not be adding to my netflix queue.
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  • I thought it was a movie about cheating too. They need better synopsis writers.
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  • It is kind of about cheating. It is really about the "other woman", a man's new wife, fitting into his life with his son and ex wife, but in the process she loses her perfect baby at 3 days old. She is tormented with that the whole movie and people say horrible things to her. It was really heart wrenching. I am not sure why I even watched the whole thing.

  • Thanks for the warning! I work in theatre and I have to go watch a play next week about miscarriage and infant loss. Not looking forward to it AT ALL.  
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  • I almost rented this the one night. I was so glad I didn't when I came on here and someone else posted a warning. They really need warnings like these on the movies.
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