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We are supposed to go to a good friend's daughter's 5th birthday party tomorrow. We dont see them often, and they live about 45 minutes away. I don't think many kids besides mine were invited. My issue is that the family has 3 cats, and has been strugging to get rid of fleas in their house/on the cats for about a month. Earlier this week they still had them, and they all left the house on Tuesday to bomb it overnight. They have had professionals come in 3x prior this month, and also have seen the vet for prescriptions for the cats.  I don't know what the result is (I haven't spoken to her).  I have dogs, but we have never had flea issues so I don't know much about how easy is is to pick them up, but I am terrified.  The weather is supposed to be in the low 50's, so we will spend time inside. 

Our plan is to go, but I keep feeling panicked that we will somehow pick them up and bring them into our house. My sister said we are nuts for going and risking it. Would you avoid going?  Both boys have not been feeling great, but no actual fever or significant sickness, just snotty and appear to not be 100%, so I have somewhat of an out if needed. Am I a horrible friend to skip a party b/c of this and not tell her? Feel free to flame me, I am at a total loss.  DH doesn't want to lie about not going, but then commented that we should all strip down in the garage, and everything (including car seat covers) will need to be washed in hot water, which makes me think if it is that big a deal we shouldn't go.  Or I could just ask her, but she is going to say it is ok, otherwise she would have cancelled the party, although I am not totally confident that she would be honest. Are we overreacting?

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  • Fleas suck. Our dog got them from the vets office when she got spayed. I would not go. I wouldn't want to risk it. I have no idea if the fleas would be able to survive to infest your house, but it wouldn't be a risk i'd want to take. Blame the kids being under the weather & suggest getting lunch together some day soon to give a gift.
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  • I am a social worker.  You will not believe the bug infested houses I have been into...roaches,fleas, water bugs, etc...It doesn't make it okay but I have never left with a "companion" that I have realized.  Ew!  My visits can be anywhere from 30mis to a couple of hours.   

    Will the party be mostly outdoors?  If so, I'd probably still go.  I sounds like they have tried a lot..IDK.   A good friend, I wouldn't want to let down...

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  • I am just wondering who the F has a party at their house when they have fleas, sort of like inviting you to sleep the night when you have beg bugs.
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