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second timers--m/s question

i'm pregnant with baby #2, and still not used to this m/s thing, ugh.

has anyone's m/s with #2 ended sooner than it did with #1? with my first, my m/s was gone by week 13. i'm hoping it's the same--or sooner!--with this one!

Re: second timers--m/s question

  • I hate m/s.  I don't think I will ever get used to it.  This is #3 and I am expecting to have it for all 9mo like I did with the first 2.  ugh.  Lucky yours went away w/ #1 -hope it goes away sooner than 13w this time.  It's no fun at all!

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  • I only had a little bit of nausea with my first and this pregnancy has been even easier.  I hope your m/s goes away soon!
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  • I had it pretty bad with both of my other pregnancies.  I'm 9w3d now, and it's still going strong.  It lasted til about 20 weeks with my daughter and the worst was over around 13 weeks with my son.  I never get used to it either.  It's awful!
  • I'm SO glad you posted this. I'm pregnant with #2 as well and am just loathing this morning sickness. I had it with DS until after 16 weeks. I'm praying..PRAYING this time it's gone sooner.

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  • My first pregnancy: Nausea and Vomiting;

    Now; My Second Pregnancy: No Vomit, Yes Nausea, Showing right away, back pain, FATIGUE***

    Overall: Fatigue is my wrost symptom >_<

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  • Mine is worse this time around. I am hoping it eases up soon.

    Also you are the most pregnant woman I have ever heard of 107 weeks pregnant ;) Yikes! 

  • Ugh my m/s will not go away! Try a bath!
    due april 10th :))
  • This is by far the worst nausea I have had, even if I combined my first 2 pregnancies. My first I wasnt really nauseated and only threw up maybe 3 times. My second I was nauseated up until about 12/13 weeks. This one slapped me in the face about a week ago and is kicking my butt.
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  • I didn't have a moment of illness with DS.... This pregnancy is AWEFUL!!!
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