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4 months and hating my job!

I am absolutely furious! I have been at my job for a month and a half(ish) now and have been miserable from day one!

I didn't tell them I was pregnant during the interview because I desperately needed the job and I didn't want to give them any reason (however illegal, it still happens) to not hire me. Well I got the job and I was estatic, for like a week...Again, I've been here for a month and a half and have gotten to know almost no one. They are almost always in a bad mood or entirely keep to themselves. Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of office friendships, but it's clear that I am not "invited." Keep in mind this is an office of like a dozen people. There is only so much ignoring of the camaraderie I can be excluded out of before it starts to hurt.

The final straw was an agreement from my interviews about where I'd be working. They have suddenly gone back one their "word" and have me going back and forth between 2 locations which requires me to drive about 15 more mins each way on the interstate. It's more annoying than anything, I really don't enjoy making that drive twice a week but I was told I'd be doing it until they hired someone else. Well they have and I just found out that this is going to be permanant. I do not want to be driving on the interstate in the middle of the winter.

What would you do?! I'm staying here only because I'm pregnant and I need the stability. If I was not 21 weeks, I'd quit on the spot. I don't know how to approach anyone about this because I have no one to go to!

Sorry about the rant :(

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Re: 4 months and hating my job!

  • I'm sorry you're stressed, but I have to be honest, IMO nothing that you've written here warrants being furious or quitting your job.

    You say that you desperately needed the job, so I don't see how you can quit over a slightly longer commute and not fitting in to the office cliques.  I understand that the longer commute isn't ideal and feeling left out can be uncomfortable, but I don't see these as reasons to quit a job in the most ideal of circumstances, much less when you are 21 weeks pregnant and need the job.

    You could try to talk to a superior about your understanding that you would be at the closer location, but as you did not have anything in writing I'm guessing nothing will come of it. 

    What are you plans for after you have the baby?

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  • Yeah, it's hard to express everything in a post.

    After the baby I'm either going to switch to part time or take some time off before finding something else. I'm really unhapy.

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  • I know exactly how you feel, I had just moved around 2 months ago and had to get a new job which I ended up hating. I didn't tell them I was pregnant right away either because I know where you're coming from-- I absolutely needed the money. (I wound up getting fired after telling them and am now in the middle of a discrimination investigation, and trying to find a new job before my bump gets too noticeable, but thats another story!)

    I would recommend looking for a new job while keeping the other one. There's no harm in looking, or even going to an interview or two. If you find something that will work out better, then you will be able to quit then and there. Good luck and hang in there! Smile

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