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some douche ahead of me at the carwash

Can't even be bothered to take his water bottles and empty red bull cans out of his 750li. The carwash people are doing it for him. Come on dude. You aren't that important. Clean our your own garbage.
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Re: some douche ahead of me at the carwash

  • I hope he tips really well.
    My Blog: Heather Ann, born still on Jan. 26, 2009 at 27w2d. <a href="
  • Two women pulled a 'Chat and Cut' in front of me and about 5 other people this morning at Starbucks.  No one spoke up about it, I was grumpy and late for work.  I didn't feel like anyone cutting in front of me and causing me to wait more time while their drinks were made so I called them out on it.  I interrupted their conversation and told them where the line began and they looked at me completely shocked and slowly got back out of line.


    Here they are in action.  They noticed their friend standing in line and walked past all of us and started talking to her and they were just planning on hanging out right there and order their drinks...F- them!  Get the F- out of line!



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