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Almost 38 weeks!

Just wanted to give an update on my status.  Wednesday afternoon I was contracting for the first time more than BH's, but they were not bad.  I woke up at 4am Thursday with stronger contractions every 5-10 min but after drinking water they really slowed down.  I had a scheduled OB apt yesterday afternoon so I just went to that.  At 36wk 2 days I was 2/50%/-2, and yesterday at 37wk 4 days I was 2-3cm/80%/0.  I had thought he had dropped this past week as I have been having a lot of pelvic pressure.  They put me on the monitor at the office for almost 1 hr to see what baby's heart rate was doing with my contractions and he looked great.  At that time I was contracting ever 5-12 min, so my doctor told me that I could just go home and keep doing what I was doing.

So we went out to grab dinner, came home and the contractions STOPED!  I was kind of mentally preparing myself that I might be in early labor, but who knows!  I just hope that my body will keep progressing so I can do the VBAC!!! 

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Re: Almost 38 weeks!

  • How exciting!  At least the contractions got your body a little more ready!  Who knows, maybe they will start up again soon :-)  Good luck!
  • How exciting!  I experienced something very similar with my VBAC and he was born 6 days later!  Your body is preparing itself and that is so awesome!


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  • That gives me hope!!!!  Thanks ladies! :)
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  • Hey there!  We have the same due date.  I'm also feeling a lot of pelvic pressure and getting kind of excited.  Good luck to you!
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