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S/O being in labor and cravings

Since most of us weren't allowed to eat during labor...what was the first thing they gave you to eat after delivery.

For me:  After going 24 hours without eating...they gave me a dry turkey sandwich and a coke, and i swear it wast the best thing the time.


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Re: S/O being in labor and cravings

  • With Lila they brought me pancakes, sausage, scrambled eggs and a fruit tray with honey dew, pineapple, cantaloupe and strawberries. I should also add that that hospital had much better food than where I am now despite this one supposedly being brand new state of the art. The crap I have eaten here the past two times is really inedible.
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  • My L&D nurse this time let me eat.  I loved her soooooo much.
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  • I don't remember what I ate, but I remember all I wanted was an ice cold Sprite.  That was the first thing consumed after my c-section.
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  • I think I had some sort of roast beef with gravy sandwich with fruit. I just remember being lonely b/c we have no family here and DH had gone down to the nursery to watch Em get cleaned up and I just sat in my labor/delivery room watching tv, eating lunch and thinking "geeze, I can't believe I had a baby this morning".
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  • Unless there is a problem, I will be allowed to eat. I have no idea what sort of food I will want afterwards :)

    However, my older sister is on ice cold beer duty. We had been thinking champagne, but I think I might just want a Guiness.

  • I went into labor around lunchtime so I skipped lunch that day (other than the Twix I had on the way to the hospital). But I ordered a BLT, french fries, fresh fruit, a brownie, and milk at 4 pm. I didn't have time to want any food during labor, but once he was out, I realized I was starving.
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  • My husband smuggled me in a 1/2 of a McD's apple pie and a cherry cordial while I was in labor.  I was so hungry I was ready to start eating my pillow.

    Afterwards I had a cheeseburger, fries and a soda.

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  • I wasn't allowed to eat solids for 2 days after labor since I was on magnesium sulfate (I think thats what it was, for hypertension.)  When i was finally allowed to have solids, DH went and got me Italian food from a local place.  It was SOOOOO good, I distinctly remember the cheesy bread.
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  • Big SmileBefore I was induced, DH and my parents and I went out to breakfast. I had OJ, Eggs, Waffles and Bacon. DH was so nervous all he could eat was dry toast. This was Tuesday Morning.

    During labor I drank TONS of apple juice.

    I had an emergency C-section on Wednesday morning. All I got that day was chicken broth and jello. Boo.

    Thursday morning I asked my nurse if I could please have real food because I did not want chicken broth for breakfast. My Dr had given me the ok for food. They brought me this tray filled with pancakes, eggs, fruit, bacon, sausage, muffins, toast, evry breakfast item you could imagine. Plus more juice, milk, coffee and tea. I remember trying to BF DS while eating eggs with my left hand. I think I only got a little on him. Big Smile


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  • They wouldn't let me have any solids for 1.5 days after my c-section (they wanted me to fart first and I was afraid to with everyone around), so I survived on water the entire time. Right before I got discharged they brought me a cheeseburger and a coke. It sucked.
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  • They wouldn't budge on the clear liquids for 2 days after my C/S. It was pure torture.

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  • I spent 5 days being put on and off a no food order because I was in labor and they weren't sure if u would need a c/s because of the twins. That time is pretty blurry because of exhaustion and eventually Nubain but I remember begging to be fed. At some point I was given red jello and at the time it was delicious. I'm pretty sure I was given a blah turkey sandwich after all the recovery stuff because I had missed dinner. I'll also add that the days I was fed it was hospital food GD diet which is fvcking horrible.
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  • I had a 6" wheat bread Subway Club as my first meal.  I was craving it, and there is a Subway in the Physician's Tower, so hubby walked down and got me one.

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  • After Charlotte, I think I got a hot turkey sandwich with pineapple.  After Claire, I got Apple stuffed french toast with OJ, tea, bacon, and pineapple.  The hot turkey sucked as I recall but the french toast was actually pretty good.
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  • During labor while I was in the birthing tub, I had a popsicle.

    Then after I was all stitched up, I had an english muffin with PB and a cranberry spritzer (cranberry juice + sprite).

    And I had a cranberry spritzer every night for about a year after that.

  • They gave me a turkey sandwich and a Sprite. I had just thrown up (nearly on my brand new daughter) and was not in the mood to eat until breakfast time (Amelia was born at 1 in the morning) when I had eggs, a muffin and some bacon. I didn't really enjoy food again until nearly a week after I had my daughter, which is weird because I love to eat.
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