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Did you pretend to like something just to impress DH/SO?

I have a friend who pretends to like football b/c her BF does.

I pretended to like margaritas when I was dating DH, b/c he loved them and always wanted to buy me one when we went out.  I hate tequila and it makes me puke LOL

He knows this now.


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Re: Did you pretend to like something just to impress DH/SO?

  • I can't remember ever pretending to like something I didn't. But there have been a lot of new things I've tried because of DH that I never would have otherwise.  (Sushi, for example.  And I LOVE it now.)
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  • Sex.

     :-p  That's not entirely true stuff like morning sex is something he now accuses me of using to lure him in haha

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  • Not that I can think of.
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  • I pretended to like DH's family. 
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  • I developed an anxiety disorder to impress dh. Oh, wait. That was to impress botb.

    It annoys me when people pretend to be sports fans to impress an so. Probably because my mother does it constantly.
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  • I don't remember doing this, but I know my husband pretended to like watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer so that I would come over and watch it with him when we were first dating.

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  • imagebeccaga16:
    I have done it before... not this time around. I am polite though. BF loves his job (welder) and is very proud of what he builds and how those things are made. He shows me pictures and talks about it and I pretend to be interested.... I honestly zone out a lot.


    When H talks about his job or computer stuff, my eyes kind of glaze over.  

    No, I don't pretend to like anything to impress him.

    Om nom nom
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